• One in three adults over the age of 65 fall each year.
  • Slips and trips are the most common cause of falls.
  • Surface characteristics of the floor strongly influence the risk of slipping and the ability to prevent a fall.
  • Under wet conditions, the risk of a slip on carpet is less that half that on hard surface floors.

The above statistics are taken from data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

What to do about this problem:

Daltonian offers a wide variety of tile and fiber bonded broadloom products that are designed for heavy commercial traffic. These durable products help prevent slips and falls and protect interior surfaces by trapping dirt and moisture from foot traffic. Our tiles can hold 7 to 10 lbs. of moisture per square yard and 5 to 6 lbs. of dirt per square yard. These products are the ideal choice for entry areas, hallways, weight rooms, country clubs and industrial use applications. Cobble is especially suitable for outdoor usage such as walkways and areas around swimming pools since it is treated with extra high UV fibers.