Daltonian offers a wide array of patterned cut pile Woven Wilton carpet styles. These elegant carpets are the ideal choice for homes, hotels, restaurants, assisted living centers, meeting facilities, and any area where high style and performance are desired.

 Carpets That Are Easier To Live With

When patterned carpet is used, not only does that area look more striking and beautiful, but the carpet tends to retain its “NEW LOOK” longer. This can be done because the pattern conceals dirt and stains. Visualize a solid colored carpet on which food has been spilled and see how that stain stands out. Now contrast that same carpet with a pattern added. The food stain no longer is visible, as the pattern hides it. This is one of the main reasons that hotels and restaurants prefer using patterned carpets. Since these carpets are woven using 100% solution dyed synthetic yarns, it is impossible for the pattern to wear off under any traffic environment. Adding to the benefits of solution dyed carpets is the fact that the colors are resistant to fading, even from bleach. All in all, these beautiful patterned carpets require less maintenance.

Residential Customer

Woven Wiltons have become the carpets of choice for the discriminating residential customer, providing a level of design and performance that complements any interior environment. In the past few years we have been putting more focus on the residential market by introducing softer colors, different patterns and new interesting textures.


Service is a main focus of Daltonian Flooring. For that reason all patterns are inventoried at our Calhoun, GA warehouse.